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me & hospitals
hmmm what
My relationship with hospitals has grown.
So Tuesday I went to the emergency room on the behest of my guy because I was experiencing severe abdominal pain, just like last year. Except this time I was vomiting.
Turns out, I had appendicitis, so they cut me open and took that shit out. It was NO fun and I was in agony until I got the pain meds. I have bruises all over my stomach from the surgery.
BAD NEWS: I might not be able to go to Megacon, which I was really looking forward to
EVEN WORSE NEWS: For the last 6 months I've been vigorously training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, which is March 8th and I might not be able to run...
I want to cry

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I'm so sorry...I've had my own severe health issues for the last year. I'm glad you're (relatively) okay. Please take care of yourself; there will be other marathons.

Thank you so much. I know one thing about having time off work that's good- I get to read more of your glorious fic!

oh no! That really sucks, well atleast you were able to catch it before it got to bad, I know a few people who have had really bad experiences with apendicitus (Laina and Brandon) So its good to know you didnt have to stay to long. Hope you get better asap. Let us know if you need anything!

Thanks. Laina & I can share stories and scars!!!

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